Private Channels

Private channels on Roku to entertain you

As the demand for entertaining channels is increasing day by day we have the Private channels or hidden channels to stream on your Roku device. Private channels are many. Get the best hidden channel and start activating it on the streaming device that you use. Private channels, also known as hidden channels will not be visible under the Roku channel store.

A few tips

  • list-info-icon Understand the private channel activation steps before you proceed with the channel activation
  • list-info-icon Find the hidden gems and activate it to enjoy streaming
  • list-info-icon Refer the Roku channel guide to get the compatible Roku private channel access code and type the code in the required space to complete the process

Streaming devices that support

  • list-info-icon There are multiple streaming devices platforms and include Roku, Chromecast, Amazon and a lot more
  • list-info-icon Select the best model and each of these models have unique features and specifications

Most streamed Roku Private Channels

Here we introduce the latest and most streamed private channels. As the programs on the channel are interesting most of the entertainment lovers go for it. Each of these channels has its own unique code for activation.

Hero talkies

  • list-info-icon Channel access code- hero talkies
  • list-info-icon Hero talkies, another most streamed private channel that offers entertaining movies, documentaries, videos, films and a lot more
  • list-info-icon Add the hidden channel and type the channel access code to complete channel activation

I Tunes podcast

Clickia – clickia live

  • list-info-icon You will never end up bored streaming the programs from top channel networks that include TNT, Sony, Cartoon Network, Fox News, ESPN and a lot more

Euro Roku

  • list-info-icon The private channel that offers European channel networks that belong to different locations such as France, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Holland and Belgium

Pub- D- Hub

  • list-info-icon Pub- D- Hub offers access to classic movies, Television series, Cartoons and a lot more
  • list-info-icon Entertainment lovers will have the best time streaming the program categories such as Educational, Classic Cartoons, Cautionary films, Classic cartoons, Classic comedies, Classic dramas, Classic radio, Classic horror/ sci-fi and lot more

Great chefs

  • list-info-icon Channel access code -great chefs
  • list-info-icon Want to learn how to cook your favorite and delicious dishes? Here we introduce the Great chefs channel
  • list-info-icon Chefs at their kitchen start making their favorite dishes and explain various cooking styles
  • list-info-icon Each episodes narrate a different style of cooking and there are around 700 episodes


  • list-info-icon Channel access code- fl821095
  • list-info-icon Are you excited to know more about Wilderness channel?
  • list-info-icon Let us begin Wilderness channel activation guide to stream the collections, Hunting and fishing, Outdoor survival training, Nature appreciation and training and a lot more
  • list-info-icon If you love exploring nature you will surely enjoy streaming the Wilderness channel

Neon party Games

Game lovers will always enjoy streaming the channel, Neon party Games. Access the entertaining games such as Puck, squared and lot more. It’s time to access your favorite games and enjoy the endless entertainment

Select your device to start streaming


  • list-info-icon It is simple navigate to the app store and install the compatible channel app on your mobile device
  • list-info-icon Private channel activation steps always depend on the device model that you use
  • list-info-icon For new devices, you have the initial and guided steps to be done
  • list-info-icon Execute the private channel activation steps to begin streaming the programs that you like the most

Private channel activation on Roku

It is easy to activate Private channels and if your streaming device is Roku, referring the steps below will always help while you proceed with the channel activation process. It is well and good if you use the latest streaming device and the models include Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere plus and a lot more

    • list-info-icon For new devices, you need to set the display, language, location and connect the device to the network
    • list-info-icon If you have a Roku account use the sign-in page or login
    • list-info-icon Those users who do not have a Roku account can create a new account visiting the sign-up page
    • list-info-icon To activate any private channel, you need to add it your account
    • list-info-icon Just navigate to the channel app store and start your search tracking the Private channel name
    • list-info-icon Get the search results, make the channel selection and use the option, Add channel using the code under Manage account tab
  • list-info-icon Note down the private channel access code of your favorite channel referring the Roku channel guide
  • list-info-icon If the Roku channel guide doesn’t have the information you can contact our service provider directly
  • list-info-icon Type the code and carry on with the onscreen prompts to complete Roku private channel activation
  • list-info-icon You can wait for a while to view the channel
  • list-info-icon Perform a system update if the added channel is not visible on your device screen

To install private channels on Amazon devices

If you are Amazon Firestick or Fire TV user the Private channel activation steps are slightly different

Use the downloader app

Switch on your Amazon fire stick device and there are software’s that can help to install Private channels and downloader app is one of them.

Apps 2 fire

Another popular app compatible to use with Amazon fire stick devices and will help you to download and install the required channel app

Chromecast to stream your favorite Private channels 

Use Chromecast to cast the screen of your mobile device to the big screen of your TV or other device models

  • list-info-icon Slide the Chromecast device to the TV and start installing the compatible mobile app visiting the app store
  • list-info-icon Install the Chromecast app to use with your device
  • list-info-icon Select the Private channel or programs that you would like to stream
  • list-info-icon Enable the cast feature on all your devices that you would like to stream
  • list-info-icon Wait for a while until the casting process is done
  • list-info-icon Start streaming your favorites on latest Roku private channels


Live streaming

  • list-info-icon Most of the customers prefer live streaming and we have live channel apps. Get a compatible mobile device and navigate to the app store
  • list-info-icon Start your search to find the compatible private channel app, select it and click on the download tab
  • list-info-icon Open the private channel app, connect the device to the Network to begin streaming
  • list-info-icon There are live channel packages that offer live streaming
  • list-info-icon Search for these packages and pay the channel subscription packages to stream the contents live

Tips and tricks to get rid of Private channel activation errors

For uninterrupted streaming, it is important to get rid of private channels activation errors that popup

  • list-info-icon It is important to check the private channel access code and make sure that it is valid
  • list-info-icon Validate or double check the Private channel activation steps and do not miss any of the guidelines
  • list-info-icon Check the network speed that you use for private channels streaming
  • list-info-icon Look for an alternate streaming device for streaming or go for a quick restart or reset
  • list-info-icon Deactivate the Private channel and try activating it once again
  • list-info-icon Those users who prefer mobile apps can check the compatibility of the app. Uninstalling and installing the app will help to get rid of most of the mobile streaming errors
  • list-info-icon If you prefer casting devices like Chromecast ensure that the cast feature is active
  • list-info-icon Users with streaming devices like Roku can check the Roku account and network speed
  • list-info-icon If you prefer external software’s for installation it is always good to check the app compatibility
  • list-info-icon Before you choose a private channel make sure that it is active
  • list-info-icon Set the Roku account pin before you activate any channel and this will help to get rid of most of the channel activation errors.
  • list-info-icon Go to to create a new account


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