BritBox TV Activation on Roku

BritBox is your one-stop destination to enjoy the best of British TV entertainment. Built by another two leading British TV entertainment providers, BBC and ITV, BritBox acts as an epitome of entertainment, personified into one. Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming apps, BritBox is eerily similar but offers the best of British TV entertainment and movies.

Having said enough, if you love British TV and movies, then you should own a BritBox subscription. In addition to that, the BritBox TV app also supports all major TV platforms such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and many more streaming devices. This blog has furnished the steps to activate the BritBox channel on Roku streaming devices via the portal. Comprehend and stick to the instructions provided for a smooth channel activation of BritBox on your Roku.

Without further delay, let’s dig deep into the BritBox activation on Roku devices.

Steps To Download And Install The Britbox App On Roku Streaming Devices

BritBox showcases the biggest library of British TV entertainment on all streaming device platforms. It brings the latest and greatest of British TV shows, movies, documentaries, and many other British related TV entertainment, directly to your home. From Classic British comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries to live TV, BritBox truly is the best of both worlds, ITV and BBC.

Here are the instructions to follow to download the BritBox app on your Roku devices.

  • Please turn on your own Roku streaming device and its associated TV.
  • Now, head to the Roku’s home instantly by tapping on the Home button on Roku Remote.
  • From the Roku home, launch the Roku Channels Store, the galore of TV channel apps available on Roku.
  • Now tap “Search Channel bar” and type in BritBox, and hit OK.
  • From the arrived Roku search results, tap on BritBox, choose the “Add Channel” option, and press OK.
  • Your Roku device will now setup the BritBox app and install the BritBox channel on itself.

After the installation of BritBox, you can notice the BritBox shortcut on the Roku home page or notice it on the Roku Channels List. Now, read further below to understand the instructions to activate the BritBox channel on your Roku via But, before that, here are popular Brit shows broadcasted on the BritBox app.

They are as follows:

  • The Bletchley Circle
  • A Confession
  • The Mallorca Files
  • In The Dark
  • The Victim
  • The Bay
  • The City and The City
  • Funny Farm
  • Shakespeare and Hathaway
  • Jessie
  • Hold the Sunset
  • Just Another Saturday
  • The Hallelujah Handshake
  • Hard Labor
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Just A Boy’s Game

And many more. There are a plethora of entertainment options available on the BritBox. Also, the list keeps updating at every interval. So, you’ll always have new content to stream on BritBox. Now, let’s get into the BritBox activation measures on the Roku via

Instructions To Instantly Activate The Britbox App On Roku –

It is totally free to download and install the BritBox app on your Roku streaming devices from the Roku Channels Store. But, to enjoy all the best British content available on the BritBox app, you need to get a subscription and activate the BritBox app via Let’s get in-depth into the steps on how to activate the BritBox via

  • Launch the BritBox app on your Roku Streaming Device from the Roku Channels Store.
  • Upon launching the BritBox app, it will display the BritBox activation code shown on the Roku display.
  • Make a note of the BritBox activation code precisely.
  • From your computer or laptop’s web browser, visit the portal.
  • Now, sign in to your BritBox account into the portal and hit OK.

You can now stream all the best British TV entertainment available on BritBox. Upon activation, you will gain access to the BritBox premium collection of topical TV shows and movies. Combined source of ITV and the BBC, the BritBox is truly an amazing product of TV entertainment’s best comprisal. Moreover, via BritBox, you gain access to the latest content of ITV as well as BBC, day one. Their flexible compatibility also allows the users to stream multiple Brit drama sources and allows instant cancellation of BritBox subscription.

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