Free streaming services always makes our heart happy. Who would not when excellent content are offered for free. If you do not want to pay for the premium content other streaming channels Sony Crackle will prove to be a good substitute. Most of the libraries contain old classic movies and shows. To and manage Sony Crackle on Roku and any other device you are utilizing a very easy process. With the activation process many users have issues. If you do not know how to activate Crackle or if the activation code is not working look at the below points.

How to sign up?

  • Go to on your mobile device or PC
  • Press-Register to log in
  • Fill in the personal details accurately
  • Generate username and password
  • Press login and key in the details that you utilize at the time of registration

Consequently,  you will be able to and watch exciting movies and shows in it.

Steps involved in Roku

 To activate Crackle on the Roku streaming services you can go along with the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, tap the home button on the remote provided with the Roku streaming player
  • Search for the Crackle app and launch the app. The Activation app will show on the TV screen
  • Open the crackle activation page on your computer or mobile
  • Enter the code you get for activation and activate the channel

Crackle Issues

Some of the common issues found in Crackle are buffering issue, activation issues, buffering failure and channel not functioning in Roku.

These matters may be caused mostly because of slow internet connection and problems with compatibility. Here are some of the tips you can follow.

If the video keeps buffering

The issue will be caused by slow download speeds. You can check with the internet connection. Verify it is 9.0 Mbps or more if you like to stream HD content. If the connection is good restart device. You can disconnect from the internet and try reconnecting back again.

Crackle not playing the video

Many people have found that when Crackle not working of Roku there will be on display. The problem continues still after clicking play or the video buttons. If you are utilizing a PC then there is a way that the PC software is blocking the ads along with the content on Crackle. Remove the ad blocker and try again.

Error in Crackle activation

The activation process of Crackle is a simple step. If you are not able to access the website it may be that the website is down at that time. If you are not getting the code try restarting the process again. But what to do if the activation code is not working?

If the activation code is not right on your Roku TV you have to go and open Crackle. In its menu bar, you will find My Sony Crackle> Activation

Then an activation code will be displayed. Follow steps.

Error in Crackle initialization

It is annoying when you get the message “Initialization failure”. This will happen when you open Crackle. Moreover, this issue is caused by an error in the browser or if the app is stopping the content from loading. When encountering these issues you can try clearing the app or the caches which can solve the problem. On the other hand, you will be required to disable the extensions such as the ones like the ad blockers.

To delete Browser caches

  1. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner in the page of the browser
  2. On the ‘More Tools’ you have to choose option Clear browsing data
  3. Check the cookies on the other site and the cached images and files
  4. Choose the clear data and just wait for some time to finish refreshing the stream

To clear the extensions

  1. Firstly tap on to the three dots on your Chrome Browser
  2. Secondly, find the More tools> Extensions
  3. Thirdly, disable all the extensions on the chrome and then reload Crackle
  4. If it works properly enable all the extensions at the same time reloading Crackle.
  5. Lastly, when you identify the extension that stops Crackle from playing delete it.

Furthermore, to get more information about activation of channels on Roku, navigate to homepage.

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