Ever thought of watching the Amazon prime videos on your Roku device? You can get the streaming experience of your life as all the excellent videos of Amazon Prime is available in Prime video. Visit amazon.com/mytv/roku to know more. But first lets here some good things about Roku Amazon Prime.

This Prime video channel in Roku will bring you the instant opportunity to watch award-winning original series, movies, and shows. You will be able to browse and search for the titles you prefer and able to enjoy shows and movies daily. Besides, to get this amazing channel you have to go and add this channel on the Roku streaming device.

Moreover, the Amazon Prime members will be able to get unlimited streaming of many titles from the Amazon original series and movies but this option is not restricted to the Prime members. If you do not have Amazon membership you can purchase or rent the shows in Roku Prime video. The videos that are rented have a 24 to 48-hour window for viewing. On the other hand the videos that are purchased can be seen anytime on the Prime video channel.

In Amazon Prime, you can browse titles such as Originals, TV, kids, Movies and there is also the option to search for channels from the genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, etc. What’s more the Prime video on Roku  also contains these search options for convenience.

Popular Amazon Prime Shows 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel

This American period drama is a popular one in Amazon Prime.  Mrs. Maizel is about a housewife in 1958 who finds out that she has a talent for standup comedy. This show is now up for the third season.


Hanna is a fifteen-year-old girl who is residing with the only man she knows Erik. She is a super soldier and has to escape from the people who have sworn to hunt her down.


This show follows the lawyer Thornton who wants redemption. His main aim in life is to get justice in the legal system. Because truth has become a commodity and he fights to right the unfair scales of justice.

Jack Ryan

The series follows the CIA analyst Jack Ryan who is taken from the desk and put right on the field.  Now, this show is also renewed for the new season.

Roku Amazon Prime
Roku Amazon Prime

Steps To Activate Roku Amazon Prime

Same as you access the app store on your Smartphone you have to add the new channels on the Roku device through the Roku channel store. Some channels will require payment to activate and others is for free. Browse the channel store for Prime video.

  • Firstly, click the home button and on the Roku remote
  • Secondly, scroll up or down and choose the streaming channels to open the channel store
  • Thirdly, at the top of the channel store, you will get the list of new and popular categories to see. You have to key ‘Amazon Prime‘ in the search channels to search for the choices on the title of the channel. There are many options to browse
  • When browsing the list you have to tap the reverse scan button or the forward button for operating
  • If you want to get more information about the channel you can press ok on the remote
  • Also, get the preview of the shows the channel will offer
  • Now, for the free channels you can select Add channel for installation purpose
  • However, the channel paid channels will requests you to make a payment and you have to purchase it to watch it on Roku
  • If you have Roku pin you have to enter it

You can also perform the process through the Roku website

Go to the Roku official page to get the channel. You will be able to see the Add channel below the screen to add it. You will have to continue with the Amazon account details as it is a subscription channel. Besides, the Roku will save details whenever you would like to watch it.

Evidently, for unlimited channel viewing you will require Amazon account details because some videos are available only for Amazon prime subscribers but the Roku users will be able to rent or buy most of the shows and movies for watching it on Roku.

These are some of the interesting and exciting shows and features that the Prime video channel on Roku will offer for you. To know more about Roku Amazon prime for amazon.com/mytv/roku process, you can get in touch with our support team.

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