Privacy policies are the rules and regulations or methods that we follow to safeguard, secure or transfer the data or information that we collect from our customers. Read these policies in detail and you will have an idea of the rules and regulations that the website complies with.

Data or information that we collect

The types of information collected are many and include personal information such as name and email ID. The official information includes credit card details, device information, error reports and a few more. The device and error reports will have information about the features and specifications of the device, the reason and cause of the error. We also collect the user location information whenever there is a requirement.


Cookies are maintained by our website in order to monitor traffic and to provide services at a quicker pace.


Our website authorities are not liable for the threat or misuse that may arise due to sharing the data with third party authorities or using the data for personal purpose.


In case a threat or misuse against the website or its representatives arises, we will hand over the user’s data or information to the concerned judicial authorities for verification and for taking necessary legal actions. Following the copyrights and trademark regulations will help to prevent sharing the data or information to the third-party authorities.


We always maintain the confidentiality of the information collected and never share the data or information without the prior consent of the users and it’s in our policies to safeguard the data or information collected from the customers as long as they adhere to these policies mentioned on our website.

Changes that we make

Customers will not get an intimation about the changes that we make for the terms and conditions and privacy policies and therefore must refer to it before utilizing the website or its services. Navigate to our webpage to know more and to get more updates on the policies, rules and regulations or the terms and conditions to be followed.