An app-based TV service, Sling TV is one of the best ways to watch LIVE TV on your streaming player. Get Sling TV Roku, to watch live shows, and by customizing your channels to obtain the best services suited to your viewing needs. Sling TV, on the whole, makes tv-watching, simpler and more pleasurable.

Sling TV Roku Account

  • You most imperatively require a Roku account to watch Sling TV
  • Go to the Create your Roku account page on the internet at
  • From here, enter the First name, Last name, Email, Password and check the boxes at the bottom of the page to agree with the terms of service and to confirm that you are above 18 years of age
  • Thereafter, check the I’m not a robot Captcha and click on Continue

Activate Sling TV on the Roku Player

Watch Sling TV Roku
Watch Sling TV Roku
  • Getting Sling TV Roku is also equally simple
  • After you have created your account, go to the Search option on the Roku player
  • A virtual keypad will popup where you can enter your choice of channel, movie, show, TV, or actor to look for the preferred content
  • Enter Sling TV on the keypad using the arrow keys and the OK on the Roku remote
  • If you are unable to do this step, just speak to our agents to help you
  • Locate the app on the page and then click on it – you should visualize a small preview of the app
  • Thereafter, choose Add Channel to install the app on the Roku
  • When you return back to the Roku’s Home screen, the app should appear from where you can just start streaming

Signing up for Sling TV Roku

  • Type on a compatible browser – alternatively, certain streaming devices will also allow you to log in directly from their interface
  • Check out the Device Bundle option on Sling TV to know if there is an offer for Roku
  • To sign up for the service do:
  • -> Watch Now or Watch Now 7 Days Free -> Enter Email ID -> Enter Password -> Register
  • Once you have done the above, the page will automatically navigate to the base service options and channels available for you
  • Here, you may also want to check out the extra services such as DVR, Kids, Lifestyle and much more and then click on Next
  • Review all the details of your subscription once you have entered the information for billing
  • Then go to the bottom of the page and select Finish & Submit
  • At the Welcome Screen, you can click on Watch Now right away to begin enjoying your favorite shows

Direct Signup Sling TV Roku

  • On the Roku device, click on the Sling TV tile, and then choose Watch Now 7 Days Free
  • When you directly sign up through the Roku, the Sling TV account also gets created through your registered account on the Roku
  • At the Request for information screen, confirm if all the information along with the email, zip, and name present with the Roku are accurate
  • Just press Ok at the end of the message to approve
  • Then on the next screen, create an account on Sling TV by providing a First name, Last name, Email and Password
  • Thereafter, you will be redirected to the subscription screen

About Sling TV Roku

  • Considered as one of the cheapest and the best services available for those who wish to replace cable
  • Sling TV, comes with three packages – out of which, two of them are absolutely basic
  • Sling Orange and Sling Blue both of them cost just $25 per month but have a collection of different channels
  • There are also some discounts available on streaming devices such as the Roku Express if you prepay for the service
  • Even if you have logged in to another Roku account, previously, you will be automatically linked with the Sling TV account on your current Roku device
  • As an OTT service, Sling TV Roku, can be comfortably streamed over the internet and particularly specializes in Live TV
  • It is also one of the simplest ways to watch all of your preferred shows live or on-demand

Orange and Blue Sling TV Roku

  • The Orange package on Sling TV comes with around 30+ channels including premier services such as CNN and ESPN
  • The Blue package includes around 40+ channels and comes with a superior channel collection inclusive of Fox, NBC and much more
  • Both the bundles are priced at $25 / mo. and come with addon packages valued from $5 to $15 per month

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