Watch your mobile device screen on a big display of Roku TV. Screen mirroring, the casting feature that arrives with latest Roku devices is in more demand among the Roku users. Select the best mobile device and cast to Roku

Make sure that you choose the compatible settings. If you are interested, let us provide you a few updates here. Experience the new casting technology, Roku Screen mirroring  and explore the feature on your pocket devices

It’s the simplest way to enjoy endless entertainment on your TV

Highlights of screen mirroring feature

  • You can use the feature for business presentations and meetings
  • View your contents in a big display such as TV or monitor
  • Better viewing experience
  • Can share any type of contents
  • Excellent display quality

What are the devices that support Screen Mirroring?

  • Roku streaming gadgets and Roku TV
  • Android devices such as Mobile phones
  • Google Chrome cast
  • Pc or Laptops
  • Other TV models such as Apple TV

What are the preliminary requisites to activate this feature?

  • Mobile devices with compatible operating system version
  • Roku streaming gadget or Roku TV
  • Active and good speed internet connection

Roku streaming gadget

  • Switch on your Roku streaming gadget and navigate to the settings > Screen mirroring to enable it
  • It’s the option, “Enable Roku screen mirroring ”you need to select
  • Are you facing difficulties to find the settings? begin your search navigating to the left navigation bar
  • As you carry on with the settings, a prompt  will appear to enable the wireless network connection
  • Select the required Internet connection type to proceed  further
  • View the check mark and it’s an indication that  the feature is active
cast to Roku
cast to Roku

How to Enable this feature on your Mobile device?

  • Power on your mobile device as the initial step
  •  For all new models, initial and guided setup is must to be done
  • Suggest using the latest mobile device version
  • If  Android device is your choice, the version 4.4.2 is compatible
  • It’s easy to enable the feature on your device and you can go to settings >system>screen Mirroring
  • Note that the settings differ and depend upon the device model and version. You can view the “connect and share “option on certain models
  • If it’s a windows device, use the option, “Project my screen”
  • Now find the list of devices that appear on your screen
  • Select the Roku streaming device that  you would like to connect or Add
  • Choose the programs or contents that you would like to watch

Got stuck screen mirroring errors as you CAST TO ROKU?

Do not worry or get panic as you end up with errors using Roku screen mirroring feature and the tips below can help you to get rid of the error at the earliest

It’s always good to analyze the reason and cause of error before you proceed with the troubleshooting tips

  • To start with, make sure that the Screen mirroring feature is active on your devices
  • Disable the screen mirroring feature and enable it once again
  • Besides , perform a device restart or reset ( Soft, hard and Factory reset settings arrive with the latest Roku models )
  • Check the compatibility of the operating system version of your mobile device
  • If the device  that you use is not compatible, replace it with a new or alternate one
  • The internet connection that you use must be active and secure and often the wireless connection is good for better output
  • Double-check if all your devices are connected to the same Internet connection
  • If errors keep on appearing on your screen, it’s good to replace your device with a new one
  • Always make sure that the device that  you use is updated with the latest software

Not to mention, the  troubleshooting tips and tricks are many apart from the above-listed ones

Use the screen mirroring feature, cast to Roku and it’s time to view your contents on a big display screen. Resolve the errors that you come across at the earliest

 Enter into the world of streaming and watch your favorites on big screen……

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