Follow the terms and conditions and privacy policies and it’s all about the rules and regulations that we follow. Terms and conditions are represented as the legal binding between the customers and website authorities. As privacy policies become an important part of terms and conditions, read and understand to further use our website. Reading and understand these policies will give you an idea of dos and don’ts or the regulations that are must to be followed.

 Judicial regulations

Legal regulations help to prevent the misuse and suggest all our customers to get a prior idea on it. We abide by all laws and therefore expect the same of our customers at all points in time.

User responsibility

Users are always responsible to safeguard the data or information that they have that may include personal and official information.

Privacy policies

The privacy policies help us to secure the data or information collected from the customers and always becomes an important part of the terms and conditions. The type of data or information that we collect from our customers include personal data such as name, email ID, password and contact information. Besides we collect these data or information either via call, chat or email from customers availing our support services.

Our service, plan orders and service plans

We always focus to offer the best support and guidance for device setup and activation, resolving the setup errors and a lot more.

Chargeback policies

Chargeback policies are applicable if you would like to cancel any of the services and customers will get back the amount if they require. Furthermore, to get updates or get a clear idea on the terms and conditions we suggest you read and understand the terms and conditions and privacy policies before you access our website.